Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Something fun

I lived in VA. Beach almost forever until recently, so when I saw this I thought it would be fun to post. There was one for the state of VA., but it didn't seem to fit my life style as well.

You Know You're From Virginia Beach When...

You say you're from "The Beach."

You just call it "The Boulevard."

The word "Weak" means "Funny."

Jet noise doesn't interrupt your conversations.

You don't think you have a southern accent.

You begin every sentence with "Dude."

You shake your head when someone calls it "Boogie-boarding."

The worst cut down in middle school was to be called a "Poser."

You know what 422-8823 is.

You're at the beach during a hurricane.

You've ever bleached your hair.

You can spot a Navy squid from a mile away.

You've been up in The Jewish Mother.

You've snuck into the old Cavalier Hotel Pool.

You haven?t been to "Wild Water Rapids" in years.

Your high school is smaller than the junior high school they just built next door.

You call it "Gang Run" instead of "Green Run."

You call T.C.C. "Virginia Beach University."

You think a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops are proper attire in February.

You've ever owned a beach-cruiser.

You vacation in Nags Head.

Beach week is every week for you.

You think Nova kids are a little weird.

You know that Volcom is a brand, not some guy from Star Trek.

You know that Hurley is a brand, not some generic Harley-Davidson.

Guy's volleyball doesn't seem that strange to you.

You know what a gerard golden is.

You've ever used a fake I.D. at the Pour House.

You can spot a Navy squid from a mile away.

You've spent time at Coney Island Games waiting for your movie at Pembroke.

You remember the mini-Epcot center at the beach.

You know "Chick?s Beach" is a misnomer.

You know the Haunted Fun House looks cooler on the outside than the inside.

You know what dome shots are, and you would like some of them in the near future.

You've seen Rudy from Survivor in Farm Fresh, buying beef jerky and tampons.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Virginia Beach.

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