Friday, May 18, 2007

Mind and Body

Negative thoughts and emotions may be festering deep within your mind and that can block you from success. Your mind is a powerful force that lies within you and if you care for your mind you can care for your body, and be the best you can be.

Your emotions have power and can positively and negatively affect your body. For example, Depression releases harmful Toxins into your system. Depression is so harmful to the body it may lead to Cancer or it can make your body ill. The body is not meant to deal with Depression for prolonged periods of time. Your body is affected by your feelings. Instead of dwelling on your problems, see your troubles
as only temporary and that they will pass.

You can transform fatigue, stress, and fear into vibrancy, strength, and wellness. By noticing your energys fluctuations, you will get a head start on where your body is off-center so that you can change. Whether that be in your relationships, your health, or your career.

People and situations can give off welcoming positive energy that invigorates, or oppressive negative energy that repels.

The energy that you and others radiate can profoundly influence your own health and mood.

Following are some signs of both positive and negative energy:

Signs of positive energy

* you exude an inviting sense of heart, compassion, and support
* you intuitively feel safe, relaxed, wanting to get closer; you emanate a peaceful glow
* you feel better around others and they around you
* your energy and optimism increase

Signs of negative energy

* you experience a sense of being demeaned, constricted, or attacked
* you intuitively feel unsafe, tense, or on guard
* you sense prickly, off-putting vibes
* you cant wait to get away from others
* your energy starts to fade
* you may feel stressed or ill

Use your intuition to understand their energetic health, and also to scrutinize their reactions to positive and negative vibes.

If you or your family and loved ones have any health challenges and need to, for example, charge your Immune System, help your body heal itself, eliminate pain, stress, Anxiety, Depression or fear than you need to take control of your health NOW. For you, your family, friends and pets.

Tips to Revitalize Your Spirit

1. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment and not thinking about what someone said to you this morning, not talking on the phone while replying to an email, or worrying about the future.

Put sincere effort into being fully present. Give your undivided attention to what you're doing.

Mindfulness is being yourself, not judging yourself or over-analyzing, not getting caught up in your thoughts, accepting and appreciating what each moment offers, allowing things to be the way they are, being patient with yourself and other people, not being impatient or anxious for certain things to happen, and trusting yourself and your feelings.

1. Read Books That Inspire You

Figure out what are you interested in and what inspires you, motivates you and moves you. There are plenty of helpful books to help you assess where you are now, where you want to be, and learn from people who have done it.

1. Book a Monthly Massage

Once a month, treat yourself to a relaxation massage. If it is out of your budget, consider going to a massage school student clinic in your area. Treatments by massage therapists-in-training are often 1/4 of the regular cost.

1. Forgive

Forgiving yourself and others can be liberating. Many people carry past hurts inside them and are unable to let them go. Start by forgiving yourself - if something you say or do causes misunderstanding or may be interpreted as hurtful, don't let it sit
and don't beat yourself up over it. Give a sincere apology and then do something to psychologically cleanse, such as taking that thought and imagining yourself throwing it in the garbage can or taking a warm shower when you get home. You can also try these affirmations:

* "Life is too short to beat myself up over what's done in the past. I
choose to forgive myself and forgive others."
* "I know how much it hurts me when other people are mad or hold
grudges at me. I don't want to be the one who makes other people feel
that way."

Understanding and utilizing the powers of your own mind is a major key to health and wellness success.

You need to realize the power of your mind is vital to your life and health. Your mind determines the conditions you experience in your day to day interactions with people, places and things, as well as your health. Take care of your mind, spirit and self and take care of your health today.

References: Cathy Wong, ND � Alternative Medicine Guide at;
Judith Orloff, MD � Positive Energy; Bodies of Stone



Blogger "Early Bird" said...

All very good points!!

May 19, 2007 at 5:53 PM  
Anonymous 2 Witches Blog - Mama Kelly said...

Wonderful information Autumn!! I have to come back and take notes as I have been fighting depression/anxiety for the past decade and know without a doubt it has palyed a harmful role in my overall health.

Mama Kelly

PS you were "tagged" recently on our site

May 19, 2007 at 9:19 PM  
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