Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pepperlady is hosting a scavenger hunt

Last spring my blog buddy Pepperlady
hosted a scavenger hunt. We had a fun time with it and I was excited to hear she is doing another one.
Please visit her site to sign up and join the fun.
Here is what she has to say about the hunt

Last spring I hosted an Ostara scavenger hunt and now I’m doing a Litha/summer solstice scavenger hunt.
Sigh up date is before June 11, 2007.
What is a scavenger hunt there is 7 items you’ll need to find for your swap partner and I’ll let you know shortly after the 11th, which he or she is.
The seven items you need to find for Lithus is:
1. Wind movement item
2. Something blue or blue in it
3. Your local sale add paper
4. Some triangle shape or 3 sided
5. Flower stickers
6. A rock (please consider the weight because this shipping cost)
7. A frame picture taken from you’re home areas looking toward the south.
Please pass the word about the summer time scavenger hunt."

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