Friday, September 14, 2007

On the home front

I can't believe how fast time is flying by. Here it is almost the middle of September already and I am still thinking summer. The fall is sneaking up on me a little more each day though. I have begun to notice a little chill at night now although it is still in the mid 80's here during the day. I dread the cold weather that is going to follow these pretty days, but I have to admit this is my favorite time of year. Next month brings both my birthday and my favorite holiday.
Speaking of do you know Pea? She is a blogger buddy of mine that lives in Canada and she is hosting

Just click on her name and it will take you to her page to sign up. I think this one will be a lot of fun.

Not a lot is going on at my house right now. I'm just working as usual and still trying to help my daughter get ready to move. Her plan have been moved up a bit, and she is going to try and get her heavy things moved tomorrow. My son who is a truck driver is home for a few days and him and one of his buddies is helping her.
I have to admit that I am not thrilled at all of this. As a mother I have a lot of reservations about this young man she is going to be living with. I know every parent thinks the person that there child chooses as a mate is never good enough for them. I think that is just human nature, but somehow this is more than that. I honestly just don't think it is going to work. First of all he is a prick. Sorry for such strong language but he is. He is cocky and lazy and in-mature and the longer I'm around him the less I like him. I won't turn this into a grumbling post, but lest just say he has had months (at lest 4) to ready his house for my daughter and grandson to move in, and as of yesterday he still has crap everywhere. I try to help, but he really doesn't want me over there and I try not to say much, because I want my daughter to make this choice for herself even if I know it is the wrong one.
Deep down she doesn't think she will stay more than a few months and I hate to see her hurt. Sigh....Anyway I am working until Sunday, so I will try and update than
Enjoy your weekend everyone and don't forget to go sign up for the swap.

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Blogger PEA said...

Oooh it's looking nice and Autumny (is that a word? lol) it!! We are definitely feeling the change of season over here...there's a frost warning for tonight so I must go cover my tomatoe plants before it gets dark. Thank you so much for posting about my Halloween Swap, I'm so excited about it and can't believe how many have signed up for it already:-) Fun, fun, fun!! Have a great weekend and don't work too hard!!! xoxo

September 14, 2007 at 5:59 PM  

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