Monday, January 28, 2008

Moon Magick

Moon Magick for 2008

If you want to harness the strongest energies for your magick, plan your rituals around the astrological signs that the New and Full Moons are in as they occur. Here are the Moons for 2008 along with suggestions for the best types of magick to do at each one:


1/8 3:37am in Capricorn
1/22 5:35am in Leo

Magick for
Finding a job, getting a promotion, making your work pay off
Fame and fortune, creativity and fun

2/05 7:44pm in Aquarius
2/20 7:30pm in Virgo

Magick for
Changes in your life, new attitudes/ideas, freedom
Health issues, learning, organization

3/07 9:14am in Pisces
3/21 11:40am in Libra

Magick for
Psychic development, artistic expression
Love, balance in your life, beauty, harmony

4/05 8:55pm in Aries
4/20 3:25am in Scorpio

Magick for
Vitality, new experiences personal power, motivation
Knowledge of past lives, letting go of negativity

5/05 5:18am in Taurus
5/19 7:11pm in Scorpio

Magick for
Sensual experiences, stability
Knowledge of past lives, letting go of negativity

This second Scorpio full moon in two months is a better moon forlove magic,

especially for those with partners

6/03 12:23pm in Gemini
6/18 10:30am in Sagittarius

Magick for
Communication, friendships
Exploration, travel

7/02 7:19pm in Cancer
7/18 0:59am in Capricorn

Magick for
Emotional growth, relationships, imagination
Finding a home, family relationships, marriage

8/01 3:13am in Leo
8/16 2:16pm in Aquarius

Magick for
Determination, good luck, confidence
New ideas and ways, self-expression, independence

8/30 12:58pm in Virgo

Magick for
Practicality, understanding

9/29 1:12am in Libra
9/15 2:13am in Pisces

Magick for
Ideals, balance
Internal change, dream work

10/28 4:14pm in Scorpio
10/14 1:02pm in Aries

Magick for
Sexuality, transformation
Drive, energy, courage

11/27 8:54am in Sagittarius
11/12 10:17pm in Taurus

Magick for
Adventure, enthusiasm, growth
Love, beauty, well-being

12/27 4:22am in Capricorn
12/12 8:37am in Gemini

Magick for
Finding a job, getting a promotion, making your work pay off
Intelligence, writing

(This information was posted in yahoo groups Turning of the wheel, and to the best of my knowledge can be reprinted)



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What a great post thanks,I'm going to print this off and put it on my board!love from Kathyann and the girls

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