Thursday, June 5, 2008

My List

I am taking a week's vacation soon, and of course you already know what want to do. Yep go ghost hunting. I know there are only so many hours in a day, so I made a list of what I really want to get to during my time off. Of course we all know that night time is best when trying to capture the paranormal. Unfortunatly I won't get to do most of these at night, but it will still be fun to viist.
Here is my list.

Places to visit while on vacation

Berkley Plantation
Visitors to the restored mansion have reported seeing and hearing the ghost of a little drummer boy. The apparition of a tall, gaunt man has been seen walking along the riverbank, sometimes walking side-by-side with the little drummer boy along the old picket fence that runs up the hill to the cemetery.

Edgewood Plantation,
Haunted by Elizabeth (Lizzie) Rowland She died in 1870 at the age of 47. It is said that she died of a broken heart while waiting for her love to return from war. Before she passed away She etched her name on the upstairs bedroom window Legend has it that she still waits for him watching from the upstairs window. She is friendly

Westover Plantation
said to be haunted by Evelyn Byrd, daughter of William Byrd II When she was 10 years old she was sent to England to live and go to school. While there she met and fell in love with Charles Morduant. Her father was against the relationship and she came home to live at Westover in 1726 forgetting the romance.
William Byrd would live to regret his decision. Because in 1737, Evelyn Byrd, many say died of a broken heart.
Evelyn has been spotted at Westover over the years. The first time was in about 1738when Evelyn's friend, Anne Harrison, saw Evelyn walking towards her in the gardens of Westover.
Another relative of the Byrd’s committed suicide here in 1777. William Byrd III was distressed over financial matters and committed suicide at Westover sitting in his favorite chair in his bedroom.
The first wife of William Byrd III, Elizabeth, was killed at Westover when a heavy cabinet fell on top of her, crushing her to death.
It is said that William Byrd III can still be seen at Midnight slumping over his favorite chair in his old bedroom. Elizabeth, it is said, you can hear her wailing still echoing through the halls of Westover, still awaiting for someone to help her.

Rosewell Plantation.
Only thing left if ruins, but Reports of hauntings at the site are frequent. Music is heard playing, guests are seen descending an invisible stair, boys with lanterns stand where doorways once were and a woman in a red cloak rushes into a rose garden. Also, strange drops in temperature, odd noises and perhaps chatter from slaves as they return from working in the fields.

Bacon’s Castle-1655
An iridescent ball of light has often appeared and disappeared. Also seen is a woman with black eyes and a white scarf around her neck. Things have been moved around and smashed in the home.

Williamsburg Ghost Tour
This tour is based on L.B. Taylor’s books “The Ghost Of Williamsburg” and is approximately an hour and a half walking tour on the streets of Colonial Williamsburg.

Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA
Hollywood cemetery has numerous ghost stories including a dog statue that comes "alive" and is the home of the infamous "Richmond Vampire".

The Boxwood Inn
10 Elmhurst Street, Lee Hall Village, Newport News, VA (757) 888-8854
The gentle spirit here is said to be one of Nannie Curtis. Harmless activity is the norm, such as doors opening and closing on their own. She is also said to enjoy knocking on doors in the morning. Sleeping in is apparently not her idea of fun for this world. There is also an elderly gentleman, holding a cane, who appears on occasion

Old House Woods.
Some of the recurring tales are about British Redcoats, pirates, skeletons in knights armor, mysterious groups of people with shovels digging, ghost horses and cows which appear and disappear before one's eyes, a full rigged Spanish galleon which vanishes in thin air, mysterious floating lights in the woods similar to lantern light, and a "Storm Woman" who floats above the pines warning fishermen of impending gales.

Abingdon Church
Reported to be haunted by a white figure, first seen in 1863 by a Union soldier. The young cavalry soldier was separated from his unit and came upon the church. He went inside to hide from Confederate troops, but when he entered the church, he saw a ghostly white figure descending the stairs from the North Gallery

Endview Plantation

Used by both sides during the civil war as a hospital. Reports have said that a woman has been seen crossing the road from the cemetery towards the house during re-enactments that are held at the Plantation Reports also show that the room, that was used as a nursery has curtains that open after they have been closed for the night.

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