Wednesday, September 27, 2006

They're at it again!

Darn those nasty fairies. They are at it again. Remember awhile back when I talked about how the fairies stole my diamond ring, and kept it for months? Well one of the little darlings came back for a visit this morning. My check cashing card was missing. I realized it when I saw my grandson playing with my wallet. He brought me a couple of cards out of it and handed them to me. Oh thank you I said..Let's go put these in grandma's purse. As I was putting them away I noticed my MVP Food Lion grocery store card, and my VISA check cashing card were gone. Hmmm I thought. I searched the wallet and no cards. I looked all around on the floor where the baby had been playing. No cards. I started to panic..Oh my gosh I thought. When was the last time I used the VISA.. Day before yesterday at the food lion I remembered. Oh no I thought, I lost it there. It would make sense because the grocery card was gone too. I did a double check on everything and then called the store. I knew I had scanned the card myself, so I knew the girl didn't keep it, but I thought maybe I had dropped it. Nope she said..No card has been turned in here. Damn I thought, where is that card. By now I'd tearing the house apart. Looking in laundry, digging in trash, under the couch. Even on the computer desk (shudder!) No card. Finally I realized oh great. Now I'm running late for work, and I still have to call the bank. I reached for the phone to call work first and something caught my eye sticking out from under the edge of the refrigerator....There smiling up at me was my VISA. I dug under the edge deeper and you guessed it, there was the grocery card. Darn those fairies. I know they did it. The grandson never went into the kitchen. It had to be them. If they were hungry I would have gladly sat out some cookies. They didn't need to try and go shop themselves! I wonder what the clerk woudl have done if a fairy came in carrying my card. Whew, I'm glad they didn't take my ID..I would have had a hard time explaining that one the next time I shopped.

Ok, now I'm officially running late. I am suppose to be at work in 20 minutes, and I still have to get dressed. Good thing I only work five minutes away..

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