Thursday, October 26, 2006

Who Done It

Remember awhile back when I had trouble with the faeries hiding my car keys in the lining of my purse? Well they are at it again. This time they caused me to be late for work. I got up this morning, took out the dog, woke up my grandson,, got him off with his mama, then got ready for work. I put Lucy in her kennel and headed out the door..I rumaged around in my purse to find the keys and realized that they were not there. I hunted everywhere, finally calling work to let them know I would be late. I continued my search and after about ten minutes I headed over to the phone to call back. I was going to have to call a cab or walk. Lucy was barking her head off by now, so I reached down to let her out of the kennel when to my surprise, something caught my eye. There under the edge of Lucy's bed (in the kennel) were the keys....
Hmmm did the dog drag them in there as a ploy to keep me home, or did Cody grab them and give them to the dog..Or was it those pesky faeries again..Guess I will never know..... .



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