Sunday, October 22, 2006

My weekend

My weekend always seem to fly by for some reason. Why is it when I am at work it takes forever for the day to be over with, yet when I have a day off before I turn around it is gone?

Yesterday started off with me going with my daughter to take my grandson to the sperm donner for the weekend. This is something I always dread. Cody had not been over to see his dad in over a month. Of course he wasn't there as usual, so we had to leave him crying with his Nana. He doesn't know her from a hole in the ground because like the sperm donor she NEVER makes an effort to call of try and see Cody in between "there" weekend. I was upset, Rebecca was upset and Cody was upset..
I came home and cried. Once I pulled my self together I took Lucy to the vet. She needed her shots. Thankfully they give me a discount, and I was able to get all her shots up to date and get her started on heart worm prevention. She also got her rabies shot. I also made her a name tag, which makes me feel better. Dogs, especially pure bred dogs are stolen in our area. Now days you can never be to careful. I also made sure I let the vet know she is micro-chipped.

When I got back home Dean and I decided to take Lucy to the dog park. We found out she has to be registered and there is a fee, so we didn't stay. Instead we road around awhile and we saw this

And then we saw this

And we saw lots of these

We dropped her back off at the house and picked up my daughter and headed out to the POQUOSON SEAFOOD FESTIVAL

It was a wonderful festival with lots of crafts,and so much seafood we didn't know what we wanted to eat. They had every kind of food you can imagine, Seafood of course, along with barbecue, chicken, hot wings, hot dogs sausages, corn on the cob, Pizza, steak sandwich's, burgers, onion rings ice cream and about everything else you can think of We finally settled on a combo platter. Mine included fish, oysters, scollop's and fries. Dean got shrimp, and oysters with fries and Rebecca got fish, crab cake, and shrimp with fries. We shared, so we got a little taste of everything. I really wanted alligator but didn't want to wait in the long lines for it. This was our first visit to this festival, and we had such a great time we are already talking about going next year.
After we left there we stopped at the Halloween store so Rebecca could buy a costume. She has to dress up for work at the bar. She found a sexy witch, and I will post photos when she wears it.
Just before bedrime the sperm donor called and said Cody wouldn't go to bed for him (Duh!..he is use to sleeping at my house and I always put him to bed) so Rebecca and I went ot pick him up and brought him home. We took him back early this morning to let them finish the visit. He is home now and sleeping peacefully in his bed (here tonight)
Today was not as busy....
Rebecca and I did laundry this morning and this afternoon Dean and I took the dog to the pet store for a couple more cans of food, and then we road around awhile just to get out of the house.
The ex asked us over for supper so we hung out down there awhile and come home.
Both Dean and Lucy are sleeping on the couch, and I am about to wake them up and head to bed..More later

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Anonymous 3catsmeow said...

Glad you had a good weekend. You can get alligator anytime that you want to at AJ Gators where Tim and I hang out.

October 23, 2006 at 1:58 AM  

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