Saturday, October 14, 2006

Here Birdie, Birdie

Well the bird made it through the night. The cats didn't knock it off the computer amoir, so hopefully it will be ok until we can get a big cage. It chirped for me this morning..Not to bad with the noise.

It hasn't ate anything yet which worries me, but maybe it just needs more time to adjust.

Here are some interesting bird facts.

Interesting facts Contrary to popular belief, lovebirds will not die if not kept in pairs. Lovebirds are not called lovebirds because of their need for an avian companion, but because of their habit of huddling closely together. In fact, lovebirds kept in pairs can be quite intractable and difficult to tame. Therefore single lovebirds make the best pets.

They have a Life span of 10-15 years

These tiny parrots are agile, acrobatic, and have boundless energy. They have cheerful personalities and love to play. Lovebirds are confident , assertive birds and although many are quite cuddly, others are very independent and not enjoy much petting. They are also chewers and must be closely supervised when out of the cage. Some have been known to talk, but in general they are not good talkers. Many people have been successful at teaching them tricks such as jumping through hoops, laying on it's back, or standing on it's head. These birds are also quite fearless and may challenge other birds and other pets, especially cats, in the household.



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