Friday, October 13, 2006

Love Birds

Remember several days ago when I was talking about a Parrotlett? Well that idea was short lived when not only could I not find one in our area, but was informed that they are very expensive when they can be found. I still wanted a bird, so today I decided to go in search of one. I started off looking at Finches. They are lovely little birds, but everything I saw on them said they need to be raised in groups. I didn't really want more than one bird, so I kept looking. I've had a cocktails, and they are really messy. Big birds cost way to much money. So, I got to thinking about love birds. I found several, but they were still a little pricey. At the third store I found a pretty little fellow/gal. It was marked for $40.00. Wow a good price I thought. I hesitated though thinking I still might find something I liked better. After two more stops and no luck I went back and bought it.

The cage I got is really to small for a love bird, but we are in between paydays, so something nicer and bigger has to wait at lest a week. I had received some money for my birthday this week, so the bird is my gift. Right now he is pretty frightened and just sitting in the cage. He hasn't ate anything yet, but has squawked a couple of times. I have a feeling in a few days I will be complaining that he is to noisy. Sigh!

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