Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Weekend

It was one of those quiet weekends where we didn't do a lot. Last night we rented the movie
The Skeleton Key
Staring Kate Hudson
We took the movie over to my daughters house and watched it with her and her boyfriend. Today we went up to Williamburg. We weren't looking for anything special, mostly just out riding around, so it was a pleasent suprise when we ran across a bird shop. We met a very interesting lady who ran the place. As it turns out it wasn't a pet store, but more of a rescue league for needy birds. She didn't sell any of the birds she had, but sold seed and a small selection of bird toys and cages. It was fun seeing all the birds. She had about 40 different ones. Ranging from Cockatiels to a beautiful Macaw, that fell in love with my daughter and licked her fingers. We chatted awhile, and she gave me some millet for my new bird as a gift before we left. She also offered to clip my birds wings and nails for me. I thought that was nice of her. Now I just have to remember how to find the shop again.

We also stopped at Petco and priced cages. I found one I liked, but I am still thinking of getting one on a floor stand. I am going to think about it a little while yet since I really don't have the money for anythng right now.

When we got home I intened to make tacos for supper, and told my daughter to call her dad and invite him to eat with us if he hadn't already had something. I knew he had been home alone all day and figured he might enjoy someone else cooking. As it turns out he had just fried some hamburger to make either spaghetti or tacos himself so we threw our stuff in with his and went over to his house to eat instead.

After supper was laundry time and we got that finished and out of the way. Now its ten p.m. and I'm tired and still have tomorrows clothes to iron and laudry to put away. Next week will be a long one for me since today is the beginning of our pay week. I am off next Saturday, which means I work five days in a row. Yuck

Calgon take me away.

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