Saturday, November 4, 2006

The little dog...

It's been a busy few days at work. It seems business is finally picking up a little and I am glad. I get bored easy, and where I work tends to be boring a lot. The only thing that makes it worth wild working there are the dogs that come in. Most are sweethearts and are always ready for a tummy rub and a treat. Once in awhile we get a really cute dog, and yesterday brought one of those days.
A guy walked in with a 8 week old Pug, tucked in his shirt. I feel in love. Since Lucy came to us grown (15 lbs), it gave me an idea of what she must have looked like as a baby. This little gal fit in my hands, and was eager to give away her kisses. As I talked with the owner, he explained to me that he was traveling.
He was from the mid west and was here visiting friends and now has no way home. He was on foot, with a backpack and the dog. Now I'm not sure what the weather is like where your at, but the highs here today only hit in the 50's. A bit chill to be traveling on foot. I felt sorry for the guy and the dog.
He wound up buying a bag of dog food for 4 bucks. I gave him a 2 dollar coupon and 5 free sample size bags.. I felt sorry for him..I wondered where they slept at last night.
I look at people like that and I am thankful for what I have..I hope they will be ok.

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