Friday, April 13, 2007

bouncy bouncy

I am so mad tonight. Somehow I didn't add right and when I checked my bank account on line yesterday I was in the hole by 70 bucks (counting the check charge). I hate it when that happens. I feel like I am being robbed of my money. If I don't have money in my account already, then why is the bank thinks I can afford to have an extra 20-30 dollars taken out..GRRRRRR
Fortunately my pay went in the bank this morning, but that was a big chunk of it and my husband doesn't get paid till Tues. I normally wouldn't mind so bad that I have to watch my pennies for a few days except that I had been planning a shopping trip for tomorrow to Williamsburg to the outlet malls. I was hoping to find some cute little summer shoes for work. Oh well I thought, I can still shop, just not as much, that is until my husband decided today to become brain dead and spend money out of the account without telling me.
He knew I was planning this shopping trip. I have talked about this to him SEVERAL times in the last day or two. He knew we had messed up the checking account and just how much was left in it. Now I am mad at him because he went this morning to the 7-11 and puts Junk to eat on the debt card. Then he goes to the gas station and fills up his tank. Now keep in mind that he is off weekends so he only needed enough gas to come home on and go into work for one day. This would take less than a forth of a tank. Maybe 10 bucks max. Do you think he puts in 10 bucks, knowing full well that I am still planning to use the money in the bank to shop with. Nooooooooo that would make him intelligent. A word that is not in my list to use tonight for him. Not only did he debt 32 dollars worth of gas and another 9 dollars at 7-11. He doesn't bother to tell me he did it. So tonight even though we are a little short I suggest we go out to eat (I thought oh well what is 20 bucks)
When we get home. I double checked the bank account and I am seeing red. I see where the hubby had spent money today. So now I have even less than I thought I would have to shop with. If he had told me he had used the debt we would have ate at home...Sticking his butt on the couch to sleep is looking real good right now.
Ok so maybe I am being over dramatic here, but I am upset he didn't consider me over the gas tank. I am hurt and angry because he knew I wanted to go shopping yet he spent it and really didn't need to. Am I being selfish wanting to use the money for me?

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Blogger Carrie said...

I don't think it is selfish. He knew. Men are just so damn absent minded.

April 16, 2007 at 1:31 PM  

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