Monday, April 28, 2008

The Ambler House-Jamestown

Lydia Ambler was the oldest daughter of the wealthy Ambler family, living in Jamestown VA around the mid 1700. It was here that she met Alexander Maupin a young soldier. Soon after they met they married in Aug. 1776. Lydia wore a beautiful while, lace covered gown with a long training . As was the custom the family gave a large dowry to the groom. Soon after the marriage Alexander left for war, leaving Lydia behind believing he loved her. Everyday Lydia would stand on the pier near her home waiting for her beloved. Months went by and not a word came from Alexander.. She didn't know if he had been killed in battle or simply did not want to return. As time passed she grew more and more angry.
In 1781 /the Amblers large Georgian Mansion was burned to the grown. It was rebuilt that same year and Lydia would stand for hours gazing out on the James river. Lydia couldn't shake the feeling that Alexander had married her for her money and eventually the fury caused her to take her own life.
The home burned again during the civil war and again in 1895. Today on the shell remains.
It has been reported that at night Lydia can be seen walking around the ruins of the mansion, still waiting the return of her beloved Alexander.

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