Sunday, April 27, 2008

A ghostly love story

Chatham Manor-Fredericksburg VA

Her name has been lost in time. A young girl from England, she was sent to Chatham by her father, a friend of Fitzhugh (The owner). In England the girl had fallen in love with a poor English dry-salter. Her father though that the young man was too far below his daughters social station to be married to her. She was promptly sent to America in the hopes of separating them forever. Unknown to her father the young man followed his love to America. He found the girl and they met in secret to make plans for their elopement. Unfortunately their plans were doomed from the start. A servant over heard their plans and informed another guest at Chatham. The servant told General George Washington, who decided to stop them. On the night of their elopement General Washington arrested the young dry-salter. When the girl climbed out of her window she did not find her love, she found General Washington waiting for her. The fate of her lover is unknown, but what is known is the girl was returned to England. Soon she was married to someone deemed more suitable. She never forgot her true love though and vowed to return to Chatham on the anniversary of her death.

Over the years many different visitors and residents of Chatham have seen the girl, now know as the Lady in White. She appears as a spectral figure and glows an un-earthy white wearing a long colonial style dress. Here first appearance was on the day she died in England, June 21st, 1790. Once every seven years between 12 pm and 12 am the lady in white walks the path, known as the ghost walk, which leads down to the river where her lover was supposed to meet her. In 2007 a paranormal investigation was held on June 21st during the time the lady was supposed to take her famous walk. The investigators failed to see the lady or gather nay evidence that she was there. Some think that she did show up and the investigators just failed to see her. The more romantic at heart suppose that she may have finally found her lover and has moved on. Still the legend of the lady in white draws tourists, lovers of the paranormal, and romantics back again and again to Chatham manor

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