Tuesday, April 15, 2008

House Clearing for Ghosts and Spirits

House Clearing for Ghosts and Spirits
Adapted from The Pleiadian Workbook, by Amorah Quan Yin (Inner Traditions, 1996).

Simple Solution
There are lots of reasons to do an energetic house clearing for your home now and then. While many will want to do a house clearing because they intuit that their homes are haunted, others are moving into houses that are new to them, and desire to remove all the energy of the previous owners. Transitions in one’s life are another good time to do a house clearing, such as after a divorce, or even after an unpleasant argument, or if someone has died.

Here are guidelines for a six-step house clearing. It only takes about ten minutes, and you don’t need anything except a clear mind:

Repeat this process about twice weekly for a few weeks. Doing this process at bedtime may give you a better night’s sleep.

1. Using your imagination, put a grounding cord of light on your entire house or apartment at the floor level. Extend it to the center of the Earth.

2. Visualize a golden sun about two feet in diameter in the center of your home.

3. Expand the golden sun gradually until it fills and surrounds your entire home space.

4. Surround the golden sun with a four-to-eight-foot-thick wall of violet light.

5. Affirm: “This ball of violet light will remain intact until I do this process again. So be it.”

6. Next say this invocation: “In the name of the I Am That I Am, I command that this home and grounds be filled with golden light from the City of Light where the Ascended Masters dwell. Only that which is divine may enter. All that is less than divine, which is illusion, must leave now. This will remain so. So be it.”



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