Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Ghostly Tale

In 1984, my husband and his now ex-wife lived at an old farmhouse that was on an acre of land in Oakhurst, NJ. They lived in the upstairs of the house along with her son and two daughters from a previous marriage.
They shared the home with friends who lived downstairs with their two children.
They shared the kitchen and both used the living room by dividing it with a blanket.

One time while they were living there the friends went out of town for a few days.
One of the nights while the friends were gone my hubby and the ex were upstairs in their bedroom watching TV. The kids were suppose to be asleep but one of them keep making noise and acting up so. They both dashed out the door, to the girl's room to scold her.

My husband glanced out of the corner of his eye, and saw what he thought was the downstairs roommates wife coming up the stairs, dressed in her white nightgown. When they got back from the daughters bedroom he asked his(ex)wife if the couple was back from their trip. She said, no, but she thought she saw her, too. When they looked downstairs, all the lights were off.

When the friends got back, they asked them if they had ever saw any ghosts in the house. The Male said that he saw ghosts through the blanket that separated his side of the downstairs from the living room, but only through shadows of what appeared to be people in the living room, partying. He just passed it off as him smoking too much pot.

Now for a bit of history on the house.
It seems when they moved in there was a large stain on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.
The wall was made of horsehair instead of sheet rock and no matter how many times they washed the stain it would always come back.

They eventually found out about the house. It had been built before 1900, and at some point a woman fell down the stairs, smashing her head against the wall at the bottom. After discovering what happened, they addressed the spirits in the house and told them there was no need to bother them because they weren't going anywhere. It must have worked because for the rest of the time they lived in the house, they weren't bothered anymore, but that stain stayed.

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