Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lady Ann

While reading a book n the Ghost of Williamsburg I ran across another story about the George Wythe house which I talked about in the previous post.
Here it is for your entertainment

When George Wythe was still living he often had house-guest by the name of Peyton Skipwith and his wife Ann.
She was born near Petersburg about 1741 and was known for her temper. She married Sir Peyton Skipwith and they lived in Mecklenburg Co. Virginia. Back in the days when the governor lived in Williamsburg they were invited to attend a ball at the Governor's Place. That night she wore a cream satin dress and tiny high heeled red slippers.
Her temper flared when saw her husband dancing with her sister Jean. She bolted from the Palace unescorted and dashed across the Palace Green toward the Wythe House. En-route she either broke the strap or heel of one of her slippers and arrived at the house hobbling on one shoe, the other foot clad only in her silk stocking.
As she went up the stairs she sounded like someone with a peg leg.
Many years went by and Lady Ann died in childbirth. Her husband then married her sister.

Does Lady Ann haunt the house? I'm not sure but: Around midnight, some report a clicking going up the main staircase. Many think it is Ann Skipwith, running up the staircase in anger, after having a fight with her husband.
She also has been seen combing her hair at her dressing table. Also there are cold spots at the top of the stairs.

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