Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Top Ten Ghost Hunting Tools Of The Trade

1. EMF Meter - Used to detect fluctuations in the electro magnectic field. Many believe that these fluctuations could be the result of paranormal activity. The Northern Kentucky Paranormal Group uses two types of these; the Tri-Field meter, which is one of the more popular models. And the K2 which uses LED lights and is very sensitive.

2. Thermal Scanner - Uses an IR laser to detect the air temperature. Used to detect "cold spots" which are believed to be spirits drawing the energy of their surroundings in order to manifest.

3. Digital Recorder with Microphone - Used to pick up EVP's, disembodied vocies heard on the recording that were not heard during an investigation.

4. Camera - Both 35mm, digital and camcorders are used. Helps document the area of an investigation and to try and provide proof of the paranorma.

5. Pen and paper - Used to document everything that happens in the investigation, from the research to the actual on site hunting.

6. Dowsing Rods - Used like the EMF meter

7. Motion Dector - Used to detect motion that we wouldn't be able to see otherwise.

8. Flashlight- A team from University College London finds that when we gaze around in a poorly-lit context, it can fool our brains into seeing things that are not really there.

9. Two Way Radios - Two Way Radios are recommended if the investigation involves splitting in to teams. This way you can easily communicate with the other team. Check that all radios are communicating on the same channel.

10. Batteries - Often batteries mysteriously lose their charge at an investigation. We recommend you bring at least one extra set of batteries for each piece of equipment that requires them.

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