Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crawford Road Yorktown Va

Repost from Oct. 2007
Crawford Road in Yorktown..
Here is what Shadowlands Haunted Places has to say about this road

Yorktown - Crawford Road - A woman hung herself from an overpass on her wedding day. Her spirit has been seen her spirit, hanging in her wedding dress. Also, African Americans were hung down the road. A lot of spirits dwell on this road. - February 2005 Correction - Formerly listed under - Poquoson - Crawford Rd - There have been other stories about the part of the road where the Tour Road crosses over Crawford Rd. There is a story that on some nights that you can see a black lady in a white dress walk up on the bridge onto the ledge, then she falls off and then she stops in mid air and swings like she was hung. There have also been stories of your car cutting out and not starting. If you drove down it at night you could see someone hanging from the bridge where someone was hung years ago and that cars have shut off underneath the bridge. - December 2006 additional information: Before you come to crybaby bridge that runs about halfway down from the roads entrance on either side of the vast woods lies a fenced off road that actually heads back into a clearing if you're daring enough to cross the threshold. If you enter the clearing, you will find a solitary building that is long since abandoned with no doors. If you watch, there are red eyes that may appear in one of the open doorways (most likely the very last door all the way to the right) 'watching' you as you move around. Should you get close they may end up vanishing before you can locate them. Going into the building itself, however, yields the very eerie feeling of more than one 'being' watching your every move. It has been seen on film of shadow people walking around along the walls without actually anything being in front of the light source (always in the shape of a tall male creeping along). There have also been reports of people feeling like they have had their feet stepped on, voices whispering, and even hands lain upon the middle of their backs. This experience is random, but best done on a clear, moonless night. But you never know what you might find if you actually go to the radio station once the sun is down.

Well let me tell you it was creepy. We did not get out of the car and go walking in the woods there. The bridge was painted with lots and I mean lots of graffiti..We drove under it and kept going..After driving a few minutes and the road not coming out anywhere I told Dean to turn around so we could go back the way we had came. After we crossed under the overpass bridge again I had him stop and this is what we captured on the camera

Enlarge these photos one by one and you will see a bright white light in the first one..Remember we were in front of the bridge and I was standing beside the car shooting BEHIND me towards the bridge, no one else was on the road..So where did the light come from?

Enlarge the second photo and you will see the light has moved forward and now appears as an orb near the car

Enlarge the last photo and you will see several orbs floating around the bridge, also you can see the grafetti

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