Friday, September 12, 2008

Sky Watch

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Blogger Mayet said...

this is a very nice shot! I love the reflection.

September 12, 2008 at 12:35 PM  
Blogger Tanya said...

Lovely shot...happy skywatch :)

September 12, 2008 at 1:12 PM  
Blogger Sara G said...

Beautiful picture!

September 12, 2008 at 1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That looks large enough to be a harbor or bay or somewhere near an ocean. I sure like the reflection of the sun.

My blog post for Sky Watch is on my Canon Pixels and if you have any spare time I would appreciate it if you could take a look at the sun peeking through the oak tree leaves.

Brookville Daily Photo

September 12, 2008 at 2:16 PM  
Anonymous Tommy V said...

great picture

September 12, 2008 at 3:41 PM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Very nice! And relaxing!
Great SWF!
Cheers, Klaus

September 12, 2008 at 7:38 PM  
Anonymous Luiz Ramos said...

Beautiful shot and colors.

September 12, 2008 at 7:58 PM  
Blogger Louise said...

Simple and pretty. Very nice SWF post.

September 12, 2008 at 11:21 PM  
Blogger Mary Hughes Studio said...

Stunning! Love the colors.

September 12, 2008 at 11:56 PM  
Blogger Arija said...

Lovely light bridge across the water, makes me want to wander off into that lovely sunset.

September 14, 2008 at 9:51 AM  
Blogger Jeanne said...

Love the shot. The way the sun is reflecting off the water is very striking. Where did you take it? Looks like the east coast?

September 14, 2008 at 10:05 AM  
Anonymous barking quill said...

I love sun over the water shots. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

September 14, 2008 at 3:16 PM  
Blogger Namnet said...

Hello Patty,
this photo is absolutely perfect. I love the reflection on the wavelets. So calm and serene sunset.
Thank you very much for so nice and kind comment on my blog. I am glad you enjoy my Playground. You have also a wonderful place here. I will definitely come back.
Best wishes, Namnet

September 14, 2008 at 4:17 PM  

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