Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Sunday

Today proved to be interesting. My hubby and I were both off so we decided to go to VA. Beach. Even though it was cold we took a quick walk on the beach
I was excited to see that several people were there on horse back. In all the years I have lived in this area this was a first for me. I was able to snap a few photos before they road away.
We didn't stay long and went down the road to The Heritage Store which is a local "new age" store/health food store/book store/cafe, offering a variety of things. Several years ago I had a Kilian photo done there. It was very interesting and showed the colors of my aura at that time. When I saw that they were doing Chakra Aura photos today I decided to have one done.
A very nice lady name Lisa took the photo(s) and then sat down with me to talk about the colors and my aura and Chakra's. Basically what I did was place my hand on some kind of sensor pad which was interpreted by the program on the computer that produced the colors and showed a graph of the Chakra and the relationship of openness. I am happy to report that mine are all in full alignment and show that my Crown Chakra is fully open She was happy to see this once I told her that I had been ghost hunting. She said if it had been out of balance that the energy and feelings that are sometimes picked up when in the presences of spirits could cause problems with me being able to handle what was going on. This made sense to me because I really don't have any fear of the spirits. I don't believe they will harm me or came haunt me. (on the same note...I don't take any chances and usually do have some protection or sage an area like I did while in Gettysburg) For those of you who don't know The crown chakra is what we use for Intuition, imagination, vision, clairvoyance, wisdom, devotion, concentration, creative visualisation
Anyway it was a lot of fun and she did two photos. The first one has more rainbow colors in it. I was happy with it, but for some reason she said wanted to do a second one and it shows more yellow..
Below each photo is a short explanation of what they indicate about me. I could have had a full printed report with all my personality outlined and the colors explained if I had wanted to pay another 25 dollars, but I opted not to spend that for something I could look up on the net.
She did tell me that she sees some sort of change coming up in my life and that I have a lot of healing ability and am surrounded by a calm healing energy. (I think she gave me a free-bee reading because I showed her my ghost photo ha ha)
Anyway I am interested to know if any of you have ever had these kind of photos done before or if you can read the colors tell me what you think.

The above photo is the first one..
It shows ORANGE....adventurous, analytical, scientific, self-confidence

This is the second photo
It shows..YELLOW-ORANGE...creative, easy going, intellectual, philosophical, optimistic

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Blogger Carrie said...

I just found out that I have 2 friends from my childhood that just moved to Va. beach.

November 24, 2008 at 7:41 PM  

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