Friday, May 15, 2009

Fatty Foods Are My Friend

I went to the DR. a couple of weeks ago for a routine checkup and lab work. They called me this week to let me know my cholesterol is high..Well, Duh, I knew that!
I asked if the DR. ordered meds..No, Well Duh, why did that surprise me, This DR. really is beyond being bad, I have used her a couple of times now because they use a sliding scale for payment and we have no insurance. This last time they told me we now make to much money not to pay full payments, so I have already planned to chance DR. Thankfully the only thing wrong with me is the cholesterol, I did ask about the blood sugar and it was a tiny bit high 106 when it should be 99, but that I can watch. I just wish she had give me something for the cholesterol, because I know myself and I know am not going to watch what I eat. Fatty foods are my best friend, and I don't have many friends ha ha..



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