Friday, June 26, 2009

Mist in the Hall

One of my co-workers Who for the sake of her privacy we will call Betty is a huge fan of ghostly things like myself, and when I arrived at work today she called me aside to tell me what had happened to her sister this week. I forget her sisters name but for the sake of this blog we will call her Linda. Linda's mother in law (Whom she did not get along with) passed away four days ago. Last night Linda was laying in bed and suddenly got very cold. She looked out into the hallway where she saw a mist. Thinking it was smoke she sat up and took a second look. The mist was growing thicker, and the room colder. All at once the mist took on a human shape and started to come into the room. Linda Yelled out, NO I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU...And snapped on the light. As she did the last of the mist disappeared and the room grew warm. Linda said she knows it was the mother in law.
Both the girls (Linda and Betty) grew up in a haunted house and both have had these type of experiences before. Betty said she told Linda to set up a video camera tonight and see what happens. I told her to also make sure she has her regular camera close by...Freaky huh

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Blogger grannyj said...

My recently deseased mother-in-law appeared to me late one night while my husband worked the night shift when we were younger and had little kids. She told me not to purchase the house we were in the process of buying because we'd be very sorry. I was freaked out and when my husband got home told him what had happened. He didn't believe me, refused to not buy the house and so we did. We had a LOT of trouble the entire time we lived there. It was haunted, other people besides me experienced weird things there. The night we moved in my oldest daughter, then eight, said she saw a little boy in the hall outside her upstairs room. It wasn't her brother. There was no little boy! To this day she'll tell you she saw him. I was SO happy when we sold that house, but it took a lot of bad experiences and 24 years to do it. The two owner since haven't stayed there long. Wonder why??

June 26, 2009 at 11:36 PM  

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