Monday, June 15, 2009

Yes, I've lost my mind

Ok, now I know I've lost my mind. I have no where to store things in my apartment, but I keep coming up with these bright ideas. The latest being a wall dedicated to the battle of Gettysburg. I want to take some of my favorite photos along with Union and Confederate leaders and put them on a wall. Don't ask me what wall since mine are full, but I am going to at lest gather some things I want for display and see how it goes.
I have a couple of things already the first being this photograph. The copy I am showing here is just a black and white taken off the Internet, The one I have is the exact same photo only it is matted and framed. i purchased it while in Gettysburg. I will try and take a photo of it and post it soon.

This is a very popular photo and is of three Confederate Soldiers being held prisoner.I found the following information on line about this photo

"In all truth, the men in the image are not in anyway burdened with too much equipment for prisoners. All prisoners were usually allowed to keep their canteens, haversacks and blankets. None of these men are carrying quartermaster equipment i.e. cartridge boxes, belts, cap pouches, bayonets all of course would have been taken at the time of their surrender/capture

The picture in question was photographed by Mathew Brady. Originally a Stereo view image it for the record was logged as Stereo # 2397 and was taken by Brady on July 15th, 1863. The photo in question was taken on Seminary Ridge on the edge of the Lutheran Seminary grounds. The site today is easily found and near a sign for the Seminary. The site of this photo was accurately located by renowned Photographer William Frasanito. To offer better reference to the location it was taken one must of course see an "uncropped" version of the image. In the original image, one can see on the left hand horizon the huge sycamore tree atop Cemetery Ridge in the back ground which helped Frasanito to finally located the precise point the photo was taken.

In that the picture was taken some two weeks following the close of action at Gettysburg. It is reasoned that they were stragglers captured somewhere along the Chambersburg Pike or Haggerstown Road during the Federal mop up operations following the battle. Frasanito is quite certain the photo was not staged as some of the Gettysburg series by Gardner were. It is reasoned that these three individuals were just being moved through the area at the time Brady was on that location taking other shots. (He also took pictures of the Thompson house "Lee's Hdqrs" that same day along with several others. Brady more then likely posed the men and no doubt Federal Guards were standing but a short distance away off camera. The log breastworks seen in the photo were erected on July 4th by Southern forces under Rhodes Division after Ewell had relocated to Seminary Ridge to take place to cover the retreat. This line of defenses today is marked by a stone wall. "

One noted point about the photo it is one of the best recorded images of common Southern Soldiers referencing their dress etc. ever recorded.

(If I am infriding on any copyright laws by printing this information please let me know and I will remove the review)

Some of the other photos that I want to add to the wall are:
Abe Lincoln President of the United States (I found a wonderful 11x14 in a frame photo of him at the thrift store last week and will post it when I get it hung up)
Jefferson Davis President of the Confederacy
General Robert E. Lee leader- Leader of the Army of Northern Virginia (Rebels)
General George Meade- Leader of the Army of the Potomac.(Yankees) Mead took over
this title just days before the battle of Gettysburg

I would also like to have photographs of some of the other men who were leaders as well.
Along with this type of photos I want photos of the battlefield and the town.
I think I am going to need a really big wall.

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Blogger hippymummy said...

How interesting! I don't claim to have much knowledge of american history but you make it sound really interesting and i look forward to the next posts xXx

June 16, 2009 at 5:44 AM  

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