Thursday, June 8, 2006

Mid week Blahs

Window and Doortrash in the backyard
Open DoorOpen Doorway
I thought my tummy was better today but as soon as I ate this evening the diarrhea came back. I am hoping it is just from having real food for the first time since Monday (I ate very little yesterday). I am still weak and tired and have absolutely no energy. I went to work this am but didn't make it but half a day. I told my boss at one I had to go home. I really wasn't feeling well and I wanted nothing more than to lay down and take a nap, but for what ever reason it wasn't meant to be. I arrived to find my house once again invaded by aliens. No not the kind from outer space. These seem to be of Hispanic descent and spoke very little English. Very nice but very irritating. I can't speak or understand a word of any language except English, which I understand makes me the ignorant one. However I am a firm believer in one rule. If you are going to live in my country. Please learn to speak my language. Ok enough of that. I am getting off subject here.
You may remember several post back when I mentioned that the apartment complex I live in was doing some extensive remodling. Part of that was to give everyone new doors and windows. This is great, and the new look is very clean and modern, but it is taking them forever to finish. Instead of doing one building at a time they have jumped around. Doing a window here, a door there, and keeping the noise level at a decible that would drown out even the most noisy airplane. (In case I have never mentioned it we live about a mile from the airport and I am in the direct path of the landing strip, so we see and hear almost all the airline traffic) Anyway I'm in an end building so of course even with all the jumping around I am one of the last to get the new stuff. I had seen the crew out here last week and asked the superviouor (who is the only one that speaks fluid English) what day they would be in my apartment. I explained my concern about me needing to know because of my kitten and that she would run away if they left a door or window open. He assured me that they would not be doing my unit until at lest the end of this week, and promised me he would let me know in advance. Well, when I came home from work this past Monday there were men everywhere. I was pissed. My bedroom is in the front of the building so the minute I drove up I could see that they were in my unit. The old window was off and the new one almost on. My first thoughts were of the cat, and thankfully she was hiding under the couch. Once I saw that she was ok, my attention was turned on the fact that my bedroom was a shambles. I felt like I had been violated. I could not believe there men were in my house much less my bedroom. I have over sized window sills so I have some of my stones and crystals along with a few of my nick nacks in them. I also have candles and things on my night stand. All of this had been taken off and laid across my bed (which had not been made that day) I found dirt and dust everywhere on the night stand because even though they were working just above it on the window, no one had bothered to move or cover it. I was livid. I snapped to the first worked, that I thought they were going to tell me ahead of time when they were coming. I have a cat I said. He just shrugged his sholders as if to say "no speak a da english" I bit my tounge and went on in the other room to find some lunch. I had just sat down when another worker walked in my front door. He didn't even bother to knock. In broken English, he asked me did he need to inspect. I can only assumne that the first worker told him I had a problem of some kind. I told him no, that I just had not expected them that day, and I was concerned about my pet. (pointing to the cat which was now in my arms). Ok he said and left. They finished up the windows in the bedrooms and then again walked back into the house to say"Finished"Needless to say I was not happy. On the way back to work I once again found the supervisior and asked him did he know when they would be doing the back of the apartment (which would include the door). He thought about it a minute and then told me he would do it the next day. Well yesterday came and went (I was home all day) and no one showed up to do anything.Something told me this morning that I better lock the cat in the bathroom and as bad as I hated it I shoved her in and went on to work. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post I arrived home shortly after one to find my apartment once again invaded. This time from the rear. The cat was locked safely away and my dinning room window was missing, with a new one in place. I got the last laugh this time though. They had closed my blinds which I had left open, and as I reached across to pull them I scared the shit out of the man on the outside who was finishing up the caulking. I wish I had the camera ready because the look on his face was priceless. He did manage to say Hi...I just grinned and said hi back.A few mintues later after I stopped laughing I went on outside to ask them if they would be doing the door today too. Yes they said. Thank goodness I thought. TWO hours later, they finally finished up and were gone..YES!!At lest they won't be back and can move on now to annoy someone else.



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