Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Photo From Today's Rambling


My grandson stayed over last night and since I didn't have to work today I told my daughter I would keep him all day instead of sending him to the day care. He woke up about 8:30 and had a snack (he isn’t much of a breakfast eater) and we got dressed and went to Wal-Mart. I was almost out of cat food and wanted to get a couple of cans there. I normally buy it at the pet store where I work, but lately I have notice the kitten doesn’t seem to be gaining weight. I am thinking it might be that the “good” cat food is not rich enough in fats for her, so I got some of the cheap stuff to see if it would fatten her up. Weird logic but I am hoping it works. Do you think maybe she has worms? If so will that keep a cat from gaining weight? She has never been tested. She is a finicky little eater and rarely empties her bowl. Anyway I got the food, and while I was in there I wandered back to the garden center where I found an African Violet. I haven’t had one in years, never having had much luck with them, but with the sunlight I get now from the windows I thought I would see how it goes. I also bought a lucky bamboo, and a container to put it in. I had one of those a few years back and it did great for a long time. Then I kept forgetting to put water in the bowl and it died. Other than that I just looked around a bit, finally buying a hammer since ours seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. ( I suspect my daughter “borrowed” it, although she denies knowing anything about it.) ( I found the hammer while I was writting this post...Oh well now I have two. )After we left the store I decided to take the baby to the park to play. Him and I had never been alone, and I thought he might enjoy it. He is still a little young, so after a few minutes on the swing, and a couple of “pretend” attempts at the slide (mostly for photos) we headed back towards the house. We stopped one last time at Trader Joes” for some goodies. Our Wal-Mart is across the street from there so I actually went in circles, but I knew that what I was going to buy needed to be frozen, and wasn’t sure how long we might stay at the park. I bought shrimp fried rice, which I am going to make for dinner tonight along with some Lumpia. (Yummy) I also bought both coconut and lemon sorbet. I had not tried either from them, but it was only a $1.99 a container. The lemon is a bit sour for my taste, but the coconut is really good. I only had a few bites of each to see which one I want for later. After I got the errands out of the way, we came home, had lunch (leftovers for me from earlier in the week when I made rague over noodles) and that along with a sample of tonight’s rice and bread for the baby. I laid him down for a nap, and now I am spending a little time relaxing. Or at lest trying to. The construction workers are back. They are working on the units above and beside me today so they are level with my windows. Lucky for them I don’t run around naked on my day off…Ha ha..Catch you all laterlittle panels in between making it look like tiny windows.I think it makes it look like a more expensive door than the old one which were just regular sliding.
IMG_08851.JPGThe new windows raise up and down instead of sideways, which I like because I can sit my bottles and nicknack type things in three places (the bottom has a ledge too which doesn't show from this photo)
My grandson on the swing today..He is getting to be such a big boy. Sigh!

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