Thursday, June 8, 2006

More on the construction

Pepperlady ask if they at lest did a good job on all the construction that has been going on.
Yes, they did do a good job, but I have no idea when the work will be done. Different companies are being hired to do different things. I know for sure we still have to get our new air conditioner (which means anothertrip in the house..but I think the office sends a note out for that one) .Also they haven't finished putting in the new carpet on the outside steps. The units that have an upstaris balcony are getting new top rails on the baclony, we are suppose to get some new shrubs and things like that too. They still have a little trash to clean up from tearing down the old laundry room, and I think some of the sidewalks are still cracked. (see photos of work over the last few months in my photo section for pictures) The office expects it to take all summer before all the buildings are finished. Fun Fun.



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