Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just another blah blah day

Not a lot happening the last few days (shhh I can't say that to loud for fear something will go wrong). Work is slow..but nothing new about that. Work is always slow. I really don't know how we stay in business. It's pretty sad when the highlight of my day is selling a casket to a man for his cat. I felt bad for the guy. I'm guessing his wife sent him out to find one, because when it came down to finding the price for it (it wasn't marked). He didn't flinch when I quoted $119.00 to him. "Yea that is fine he says. Let's just do it and get on with it." He paid and tucked the box under his arm. I shook my head, thinking what I could buy for that kind of money. Now don't get me wrong, I love animals, especially cats, but I think that is a bit much for a casket for a cat. (or dog). What happened to the days when people just dug a hole in the yard and put them in it, or had the pound pick up the remains. I love animals. I think mine are the best thing since sliced cheese, but a hundred bucks for box...Hmmm I would have to think about that awhile. As I speak(write) my newest kitten Molly is laying on my chest. She is going through the I love my mommy stage that Maggie went through about 6 weeks ago. They are both brats, they kept coming in the bedroom last night and played chase using our bed as home base. I think my toes were the reward for who ever hit the mattress first because they seemed to come back over and over. Anyway I'm just rambling tonight. I had to work until 9, and have those same hours tomorrow..Yuck..At lest Friday is my day off this week. I am thinking very seriously about going and putting in some job applications. I am just not sure where. Oh well life goes on..



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