Sunday, August 13, 2006

More on the weekend

After the tour we went back to the motel. We had asked for a room near the pool, thinking we would find time this morning for a swim. We had not been inside very long when I thought I kept hearing a boom box. You know the echo of a stereo or tv. BAh Boom, bah boom, just the base playing. Dang I thought, what is that. I went outside and could still hear it a little, so I walked up and down the row of rooms trying to figure out who was playing music. It was almost midnight and we were tired. I couldn't pinpoint it so I went back in and we turned on the TV. The boom boom got louder, so I called the front desk. The night clerk told me that someone was having a private party and had paid for the banquet room so there was nothing she could do...Ok I said, pissed and hung up. 20 minutes later I called AGAIN, only to be told that the party was scheduled to go on until ONE a.m. F*ck this shit I thought, I want a new room. I told her as much and she sent the security out to take us to a new room. We opened the door only to be slapped with the odor of cigarette smoke. Since none of us smoke we refused that room. Down the hall we went. The next room smelled better, but someone had partied in the room and left it trashed. No one had cleaned yet. By now I was really pissed, and tired and just wanted to go to bed. I told the guard forget it, and we went back to the original room and went to bed. Sometime after 1 I feel asleep. Never again will I stay at a Holiday Inn and I am thinking very seriously about getting the address of the corperate offices and filing a complaint.

Morning found us once again heading back to Cary town where we had heard there was going to be a water mellon festival today. After drving around up and down the one way streets AGAIN, and getting frustrated, we lucked out and found a parking just two blocks over from where we wanted to be. We had arrived early and still found a large crowd. We shopped some more going back to the shop where I got the witch. I had seen this one and wanted it. I knew I would be sorry if I didn't go back for her.


We had a great day finding some bargins, and eatting watermellon. Here are the rest of the photos I promised. In no special order...

I've tired to put a note by them telling where they were taken..

img_1323.JPGa cat on the porch of Maymont. My Molly looks just like this one and they could be twins, except this cat is an adult, mine is a baby.

img_1331.JPGanother view of the house

img_1324.JPGa statue in the gardens at Maymont

img_1338.JPG The streets of Richmond

img_1383.JPGMore of Richmond's houses..I want one!

img_1355.JPGIn the window of the haunts of richmond

img_1368.JPGThe governors house...It is suppose to be haunted..Do you see orbs? Or is it the light? Click on the photo to enlarge it and you will see what I am talking about.

img_1380.JPGTee shirts for sale at the festival

img_1376.JPGDid I mention it was crowded?

img_1381.JPGFood Anyone?

img_1370.JPGEven the dogs found something fun to do.

img_1374.JPGStreet bands

img_1379.JPGLet's make a little noise (They were actually very good drummers)

img_1378.JPG A public servent taking a break

img_1373.JPGAnd of course Water Mellon!

We arrived back home about 3 today, tired, and a little bit more poor in the bank but all in all it was a nice weeked.

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