Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Scheduling a nervous breakdown

When I have time I really am going to start screaming, maybe throw a few things..jump up and down and have a tantrum. then I'm going to go somewhere far far away and be by myself. That is when I have time..Key word WHEN I HAVE TIME.. It isn't going to happen yet. It seems like I jump from one thing going on to another. Earlier in the week it was the grandson, now it is the ex husband again. I had just got home from work tonight when my daughter called. Mom dad is having chest pains again and he is calling the nurse can you come down here to see about him. OK, so I throw the shoes on and dash down to his apartment to find him on the phone with ask a nurse. He is having pains, he was short of breath and he had felt dizzy. I'm telling him to get the f*ck off the phone so we can go to the ER...He hangs up and says she told me to call 911 and I am thinking DUH! dip shit..So here comes the rescue squad and a fire truck along with a heard of men. They ask a bunch of questions, stick him in the ambulance and off we go. FIVE HOURS LATER. we have returned home. Diagnosis..He probably has some inflammation from the surgery, no signs of a heart attack..Thank goodness, and is told he should see his DR. in the A.M. It took FIVE frigging hours to figure that out..Good grief, I'm glad he wasn't having another heart attack he would have died in the room. I can only imagine how long of a wait we would have had if we had not gone by ambulance, if we had five hours with one. We sat there in the room with him hooked up to IV and machines for over TWO hours before a DR even stuck his head in the door. I told him NEVER take me to that hospital if I have to go to one.

Our town has two hospitals. The one (which is where he had his surgery) and the other one. I told my ex and my hubby..Take me to the other one. It is the one my grandson goes to and we have never been there for FIVE hours. I'm still shaking my head. Matter of fact they were so slow that the EMT who took us there via ambulance came in twice to check on him. To top it off once he was released we had to wait for my hubby to come pick us up. My daughter had to go to work so my husband was babysitting the grandson. He had to get him up at 11 pm and drag him up there to get us. I should have drove my car but instead I rode in the ambulance with the ex. Grrrr next time I will know better. But lets hope there isn't a next time..Anyway no one got supper AGAIN tonight ( and I wonder why I am losing weight) so we stopped at taco bell on the way home. It is now after midnight and I haven't had a chance to relax any or wind down. I still have to iron clothes for tomorrow and I don't have another day off until Saturday. On the bright side my husband daughter and myself are planning a day trip to Richmond Va (possibly over night if we find enough interesting things to do while we are there. ) They have a haunted Richmond tour that we want to take..Ghost walk included..and also we plan on visiting the Hollywood Cemetery too check it out with this url


I plan on taking lots of pictures..

Anyway that is it for tonight. I'm about to do the ironing and head to bed..



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