Friday, August 4, 2006

A Day In Hell

This has turned out to be one hell of a day. I'm tired, I'm irritable and I am thinking of getting a new tattoo that says I have PMS and a gun, don't f* with me. My day started off normal enough, work was OK, the customers were nice. You know just another ho hum day. About 4 p.m. the clouds started rolling in and to everyone's relief we actually got some rain. Bad thing is along with the rain came severe thunderstorms. It had only been thundering and lightening about 10 minutes when pop, out went the lights. It turns out our store doesn't have a backup generator, so we were down. After about a half hour of sitting in semi-darkness our manager made a phone call to the electric company only to be told it was a major outage and they did not expect it back on any time soon. With that information she told those of us who had worked the day shift to go home. So I lost an hour and a half of work. Not terrible but enough to affect my check since I had already taken a half day off earlier in the week. Oh well I thought, just deal, so I came on home. Once I arrived and 6 rolled around (which is the time I would have been here) I called my daughter to let her know I was home and to say hello. I didn't call when I came in because frankly I wanted some time alone. My daughter informed me that her dad was expecting me to come to his house for supper. NO I said and told her that I had started supper for the hubby and myself, and it was in the oven. I already had told the ex that I had been cooking for him for over a month and now that he was better I needed to go back to cooking in my own home in the evenings. Oh mom she begged, at lest come make the gravy, You know dad and I can't do gravy. Well I'm a sucker so once again I trot down there to help out. I wouldn't have minded, except that when I got there the ex informed me that he had not started cooking because he was waiting for me to come home so I could make gravy..Hmmmm I thought..Ok you didn't listen to a damn word I said about not cooking supper every night, but I didn't want to start anything over gravy so I just went into the kitchen. Well I don't know how anyone else makes gravy but I do mine the old fashioned way. grease, flour and milk. Now both my ex and my daughter have seen me make gravy at lest a thousand times. They know what goes in it. Well do you think there is any milk. Nope that would be to easy. The ex doesn't drink it so I didn't really expect him to have any, but my grandson is still on the bottle so my daughter should have milk in her fridge. (actually she did have a little but if I had used it to cook then the baby wouldn't have had any) So here I am at the ex's house. Supper is NOT cooking and there is no milk. The ex offered to go to the store for the milk While he was gone I decided to sit down at his computer for few minutes. I admit I'm nosy so when I saw he had mail from his lady friend I opened it. After all fair is fair. She reads every word I write and always reports to him what I say, so I wanted to read her letter. It was only a meme type letter, something about a personality test. What pissed me off about it was that instead of just posting the url for him to go take the test, she had to make some comment about how his results were the way they were because of ME. It pissed me off because once again this woman is judging, and talking shit about the relationship that my ex and I have. Something she has no right to do. I dashed her off a letter and was fuming when the ex came in. Ok now if this isn't already a bad enough evening I look over at my grandson and notice he has something in his mouth. I run my finger in there and pull out a PILL!! One of my ex's pills for high blood pressure. So now we are all in a panic, I take meds for high blood pressure and I know how dangerous even one pill can be for a one year old. My daughter and I grab him up and rush out the door to ER..the ex follows in his car. We get there and get the nurse from hell (which is where I had begun to believe I am spending my afternoon). She spent ten friggin minutes trying to figure out how many pills were missing from the bottle. We tell her over and over ONE! One god damn pill, because the ex remembers last night spilling the pills in the kitchen floor and picking them back up. Somehow he missed the one, and I knew that the baby did not have time to eat more than one..(he had sucked on this one), because he had been in my daughters arms about a minute before I saw him with it in his mouth. Anyway we finally get through to this ditz, that he just needs to be seen and they take him back to the DR.

Dr said thankfully that he probably didn't get enough of that kind of medicine to hurt him but to be on the safe side,they mix up charcoal in hershey syrup and pour it down his throat with a syringe. Gagging and spitting he got most of it down.

While all that was going on I had returned home to get a bottle and a diaper, both of which we had left in the rush to get to the hospital. I had called to ask my hubby to bring them to me, but he was having one of his I AM STUPID moments and I couldn't seem to make him understand get a bottle and put a nipple on it, get a diaper and the babies shoes and bring them to me. Duh he says. He pissed me off and I just said F* it and headed back home for what we needed. The ex drove me and the entire time him and I argued about his lady friend and my husband and how I hate her and he hates my hubby and nothing was accomplished except for hurt feelings.

Anyway after almost two hours they sent us home with my grandson and instructions to keep an eye on him and to expect him to poop out the charcoal mixture. Right now he is sleeping, I'm trying to relax. The daughter was an hour late to work and the ex got left with all the dishes and food at his house. I am a strong believer in the fact that things to happen for a reason and Thankfully I was there to find the pill tonight. I know if I had not gone down to make gravy I wouldn't have seen the pill and he might have ate it and been very sick or worst. But I am telling you right now that tattoo is sounding mighty good, and I am buying package gravy in bulk and giving it to my ex...Sheeesh. what a night

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