Sunday, July 30, 2006

Birthday Photos

Well supper is out of the way and the baby is down for the night..Hubby is zzzzzzz on the couch and I finally have a few mintues for ME. I'm about to go in and take a nice long hot bath, shave my legs and put on something nice..Then I plan on waking up the hubby...ohhh never mind that is a need to know thing *giggle* and everyone doesn't need to know.

Oh the serious side, I have to do some ironing first and get tomorrows work clothes ready. I miss my dryer..before I could either toss something back in or make sure it got hung up as soon as it came out. Now by the time the shirts make it home from the laundry mat they are ready for the iron. Sigh! Also my hubby is ready for visitors to his please go by and check it out..He is feeling a little lonesome so please leave him a comment and let him know you were there.

Anyway here are the photos from today.

The birthday girl


Yum cake and ice cream


Oh look at all those calories


My daughter and one of my son's room mates goofing off in the yard.


My kids showing me just how talented they are..This is their retarded arm routine.


No, it isn't a used car lot


Well that is it..I have a few more, but I'm saving them for another post.

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