Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday should be for sleeping

Sometimes I hate having a weekend day off. I don't seem to get any real rest, and usually rush around doing ten things instead of cleaning house or spending time with a good book. I can't remember the last time I sat down to watch an entire movie, and forget sleeping late. Take today for example, my eyes opened to the sound of Meow, Meow, Meow. I looked down and there was not one but both of my kittens in the bedroom with me. Maggie who is the oldest at four months was up on the bed with me. Molly who just turned 8 weeks and is still a little uncertain about jumping that high was trying to make her way to me via the clean clothes basket I had left at the foot of the bed from last nights laundry. Magggie of course got the first bit of loving since she was in my face, and then I called to the little one to come to the side of the bed, where she clawed her way up the sheets and into my arms. "Daddy/my hubby" was no where to be seen. He had woke up early and was in the other room already. Now I dare not complain since he did at lest let me sleep in...somewhat...but my babies were starving..How hard is it to open a can of cat food. I mean they have pop tops.. Men...Sheeh. Anyway I got them fed, thew my clothes on and we headed out to visit my mom and sister. Today is my sisters birthday..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE...Her blog is called A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That

We brought my ex along for what was one of his first outings since his heart surgery, and my kids met us there. My daughter had spend the night at my sons last night spending some quailty time with her brother. We had a nice visit and enjoyed the cake and ice cream mom served. While we were there my ex brother in law showed up to say hello and we all went outside to take a look at his new car. A 2006 Dodge Charger...La Dee Da..A very nice ride indeed. Red and sleek and made my new one look like an old ladies car..Oh wait it is an old ladies car..but you knew what I meant. My sons room mates showed up and them along with my son and daughter took off to Busch Gardens for the rest of the day. Since my grandson was with his dad this weekend we didn't get to stay long, and had to come home for his arrival. I will keep him now till morning when the work week starts all over again..Dinner is cooking and I am trying to catch up with some blogs while the baby is napping. I will come back later and post photos of the day.

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