Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm Still Hot!

My husband and I are still bickering about this "old friend" of his. I made him give me his yahoo password so I could see if there were any letters from her, or him to her. Seems that she did find him. My husband said that anyone who has yahoo can find him...Ok yes that might be true, but answer me this. Why does someone who knew him 30 years ago and knows he is married and who is married herself feel like she should look. A bit fishy to me. Accually I turned into super bitch. I wrote her a letter. Not a very nice one, she wrote back, I wrote back.She claims she was "touching base with an old friend" I told her one email is touching base. The THREE emails I found that she wrote to him is getting involved with a married man, and she should know better. Women more than anyone should do NOT mess with someone else's man. High school sweet heart or not. I think we ironed it out. I pretty much told her don't F*ck with me...I am not a nice person when I get mad. Just ask my husband who is still so far in the dog house, he may sleep outside for a week.


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