Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Why are men so weird, and why do they think we are stupid?

Take my husband for example. He knows I've had a blog for over a year now. I've told him a couple of times he should start a blog so he can share his photo's of the celebrities he met when he was younger and working in LA at the airport. So what does he do. He sets it up with yahoo. DUH! Now I'm sure yahoo has a very nice blog area, but if you want to comment on his blog or even read it, you have to be invited or at lest know his name and how to find it. Seems pointless to me. Anyway he is in trouble with me over it. Seems he invited an old friend from high school to view it. (He says she found him which makes me even more angry)SHE is someone who has been reading it. I hadn't received an invite until today. Well once I got on there I found out that they had been commenting each other..When I confronted him about it. I found out that that not only did he know her in high school he had dated her. Seems he took her to his high school prom. Now does he think I am stupid or what. Does this man not realize that not only am I now going to read every word that he writes but every word of her blog too.(oh and just so you know..He doesn't read my blog which pisses me off even more to know he has been reading hers)

Dumb Dumb Dumb...

and by the way..This is the second time over the years that this woman and him have been in touch. We had a huge fight over her this morning. He thinks I am silly for being jealous I think he just really really stupid for thinking I wouldn't be. I am not really as much jealous as I am pissed that I "caught" him corresponding with her. I don't stay in touch with old boyfriends. I think we are way to old for that. He is going to be in the dog house awhile on this one.

*update* As he went to work today he was mumbling something about not seeing her in 30 years and how she was an OLD GIRLFRIEND...hmmmm at first he said she was just his prom date. He is getting in deeper isn't he!

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