Monday, July 24, 2006

A Busy Sunday

I didn't get a chance to visit the cats tonight. My day has been so busy that I am just now sitting down to read the blogs. My daughter and I started off about 10 this morning in search of bargains. We headed back across the bridge to the same flea market I had discovered last weekend. It was a nice day for it. Cloudy and overcast. Not to hot with a breeze. Since we arrived fairly early most of the outdoor vendors were there, and we took a look at them first. There are close to 25 or so shops at this flea market that sell "junk" and antiques. We had fun finding all the bargains. Among them were video tapes for $3.00. I bought four...The Ya Ya Sister Hood, The Net, Dances with wolves, and Baby Boom. I've seen them all a dozen times but hey for three bucks I can see them again. My daughter also got about 6 or 7, so we won't be bored for awhile. Among some of the other things we got today were:

For her: Some decorative baskets, a picture to hang above her entertainment center a plaque of Kuan Yin (statue in a frame), some enamel bowls (to use as cat food dishes) and a new table cover for a round table in her living room.

I got a little marble cat, a blue bottle to add to my collection I have in my dinning room window. A enamel bowl full of fake veggies and fruit (it came that way) an enamel pot of flowers. And the bargins of the day were two Native American items. One was a pipe, that someone had made, and the other a type of good luck stick. I talked with the lady who sold them to us and she said that she made the stick to ward off evil from her home, and to keep away people she did not want to be around. She talked in depth about it and how she had smudged and charged it. She warned me to use it wisely for it has great power. My daughter took the pipe, she liked it and it will be a good converstation piece for her, and is usuable.

Anyway we made a day of the flea market, stopping on the way home at another antique store, and at Walmart for cat food. Tonight was laundry night. So as you can tell the ferals didn't get a visit. Maybe tomorrow night.

Here are some photos of my daughters house



and also some of the things I got today.





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