Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Where Do I Park My Car Blues

img_1162.JPGimg_1159.JPGimg_1164.JPGWell they started paving the parking lot today. At lest the ones on the other road. Ours looks exactly the same as it did yesterday except that tonight it doesn't have any cars in it. As expected people are pissed. About 35 cars have been towed. 16 of them in my parking lot. I can only feel so sorry for them They were warned. They didn't move. When we got out of bed this morning the tow trucks were lined up to come in and take the cars out. Actually I got a scare myself. I had left my car on the other road last night and walked home. It was in an area that was not marked off. I was there with several other cars. When I got up this morning I had been towed. Thankfully it was just across the street. I was mad though, if my new car had been scratched someones head was going to roll. I was not in an illegal spot. Darn contractors. Hopefully they will get to our street tomorrow.



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