Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fuss and Grumble

I hate apartment life. I wish I didn't have to live in an apartment. I miss having a driveway and a real mail box. Mostly the driveway. It's a pain in the butt, to carry things from the car to the front door. I don't like coming in at night and finding some weird person hanging around outside. I never know who is parked next to me, and if my car is going to be dinged, and I never seem to get the same parking place twice in a row. As if those are not enough resons to complain yesterday I got this.

"Dear resident" Blah Blah Blah...Please be advised on Wed. that we will pave the parking lot on _________ Street. Please move your car by 6:30 am. Ok no problem you say. Only the next paragraph reads. We will also be paving______Street, and _____________streets. Now tell me where the F* do they expect people to park...There are three streets and one court in our entire complex. and they are paving all of them the same day. To top it off they said we have to remain off the property until FRIDAY NIGHT.

What the F**K, I do not want to have to go up the road and park. First of all up the road is a very bad housing complex. Teens walk up and down that street all hours of the day and night.

About a 1/8 of a mile out of the complex is a public parking lot where there is a gas station, but you can't even see it from here, so god only knows who will hang around the cars there.

If I only had one car to worry about it would still be a pain in the butt, but between my husband, my daughter and my ex husband and my self we each have a car. That is FOUR cars.

I took the ex's car today and parked it at the complex office. They have room for about 12 cars there. We can leave his there, but that still leaves three more. When I came in from work tonight the other 11 spaces were full. I did manage to find one in the court that is avalible for parking, and hiked on home. It wasn't that far of a walk, but it pissed me off because I can not see my car at all now. My hubby came in even later than me tonight because he is working some over time. He parked off the road (where the teens hang out). His car is old, so they may or may not bother it. My daughter left her car in the lot because she had to go into work later tonight. She is off tomorrow night but on Thurs she works until 2 am. I don't want her walking the streets to come home at that time of night. Today it doesn't matter so much other than the fact that someone will have to move it bright and early tomorrow. The letter said anyone who hasn't moved will be towed. This is going to go on for THREE FIGGIN DAYS!!

It really makes me wonder what idiot is in charge here.



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