Monday, July 17, 2006

Just Rambling

I'm happy to report that the cats used the littler boxes today. (crossing my fingers). After yesterday I decided that the little one needed her own box, so I filled one with litter and placed it in the corner I had found yesterday's poop in. I wasn't sure what to expect especially since I didn't get a chance to come home for lunch and check on them, but thankfully when I got home around 6, the carpet was clean and the box had been used. Tomorrow I am moving it to the bathroom and see what happens. I have a big one in there but it is one of those electric ones and I'm wondering if it is to big for the baby. Maggie took right to it, but every cat is different. Molly has her own personality already. She is a sassy little thing. I keep a baby gate near the entrance of my kitchen to keep my grandson out of the cabnits when he is here, and she was walking across it today like a circus tightrope walker. I just shook my head and thought to myself "strange cat". My grandson loves the idea of having kittens here. His momma has one at there house and he drags it around. Since my two are almost the same age as theirs I suspect he thinks they are just one big happy family. Tonight when my daughter brought him down so she could go to work, he grabbed Maggie, and crawled into the cat bed with her. Silly kid. The cat just sat there like duh!




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