Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Did I tell you about?

Did I tell you about the time the fairies hid my diamond ring? Well they did and now they have hidden my extra set of car keys. I can't find them anywhere. I know those darn fairies have put them somewhere just to tease me. The problems is I am not sure where to look. When my ring got gone to took weeks for it to show up, then it was not where I thought it would be. I can't imagine where the keys will turn up. Maybe the freezer, who knows, but anyway I am getting ahead of my story here.

As far as the ring goes here is what happened.

About 4 years ago my husband and I had what I call a temper tantrum a lovers spat. We were in the bedroom one day when something he said made me upset. I remember it being something about my daughter. Now let me tell you one thing about myself. You don't get in between me and my kids. I repeat never bad mouth my kid, or put them in the middle of something. I will not react in a nice way. Anyway what ever it was he said hit me the wrong way and we had words. (Something by the way that rarely happens because my husband and I do not argue...Ok so we argue maybe twice a year, but you get the idea)

Well in the heat of anger I yelled at him. Fine I don't want to be married to you, and I pulled off my wedding rings and threw them at him. Ok now I admit that is a bit childish, but I was pissed. Anyway that stopped the fuss, and we went our seperate ways for a few minutes. He was getting ready for work and I sat there on the bed pouting. After about ten minutes he asked me to please get my rings and put them back on my finger. I was still sulking but got up to retrive them. I found my wedding ring right away and put it on and got down on my hands and knees to look for the diamond. I looked in the corner, I looked in the other corner. I looked under the dresser, I looked under the bed. I even looked in the closet. NO ring. I was starting to get pissed thinking my husband had picked the ring up and was hiding it to teach me a lesson. When I realized he didn't have it I started to panic. Where the F__* was my diamond ring. We both looked. It was gone. Now at the time we had both a dog and a cat and they had both been in the room, so my only conclusion at the time was one of them ate it.

At that time I was on a yahoo group, I forget which but I wrote a note talking about how I felt bad for getting mad and look what had happened my ring was gone boo hoo hoo. I got a reply back from a lady who simply told me:

The fairies took it. Ask for it back.

Well I found this to be amusing, but since I do follow a Pagan believe system and most of us to believe or at lest entertain the idea that fairies exist or at lest once existed I thought ok what the heck. I can't find it anywhere else.

With that I stood in the middle of my bedroom and said. "Fairies Elves, Gnomes, etc etc etc. Who ever took my ring I want it back NOW!"

I laughed forgot about it. Days went by, then a week then two..No ring. Life went on. I cleaned, I did laundry. It never showed up. I gave the ring up for lost until one day about a month later I was out shopping with my husband when my cell phone rang. It was my daughter calling. "Mom she said, are you missing something round and shinny?" I thought for a moment and then got excited. YES, I said..My ring, did you find my ring. Yep she replied. Where I asked. In the dryer she says. The dyer I reply puzzled. Yep she said..with HER clothes. Ok freaky...Not only was the dryer DOWNSTAIRS and my bedroom at the time was UPSTAIRS. It had been weeks. I know we had done at lest 6-8 loads of laundry.

I told my mom about it....She said hmmm maybe you have a ghost. I thought hmmmm maybe the faires returned it. I just can't figure out to this day how that ring got there..I won't even try.....(Insert spooky music here)

As for the car keys. I am off work today. I need to clean house. Once I get it straightened up, if the keys haven't showed up. I'm talking to the fairies. I will let you know what happens.



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