Friday, July 21, 2006

Three More Years

Whoo hooo. Today is my step sons 15th birthday. Just three more years of child support! I'm telling everyone now. When they finally release my husband from the bonds of payments for his brats. I am going to throw a big party and your all invited. I can't wait to sing....

Ding Dong The Witch is Dead, which old witch...the ex wife witch...ooops sorry I'm getting off track here

Now don't get me wrong. I think every man should pay child support for his kids. My son pays it, my daughter gets it, kids need it. It's the American way. What makes me mad is the women who take advantage of the system like my husbands ex wife. Some how this woman managed to lock him into child support payments of the same amount until the last child graduates or turns 19. My husband has four kids. Three of them are over 18, one of those three has been married for almost three years. Yet he pays the same amount of money EVERY WEEK, that he paid from day one. Almost half his pay..Yep he pays almost 130 a week EVERY WEEK...that is over 500 a month...and it is going to one kid. In the mean time his ex is a fat slop who does not work. She has remarried, lives off disability, and until last year was living in an apartment provided by her new mother in law for about 200 a month. (This was at the same time we were paying about 8 hundred for a place we were in) When she was working she made MORE an hour than my husband and two of the four kids were working at the time. Plus she was getting help from social servcies and had the kids on medicade because WE don't have health insurance for them WE don't have health insurance for US, because we support her lazy butt. We can't afford it.

Can you tell this is a sore subject with me.

Now maybe I wouldn't be so bitter if the little brats would at lest call there dad once in awhile or send him an email to at lest say kiss my butt. Do you think we hear from them. Nope.

My husband and I have been together 8 years now, the first 6 years he had 3 letters total, from the kids. For the first 5 years we were together he hand wrote them a letter EVERY week. First to the oldest, then the next week the one under her, and so on so that each kid got one personal letter per month from him. In these letters he put the child support check made out to the ex. We never got so much as a thank you. We never hear from the kids. (she has soul custody so now we don't even have an address or phone number.) My husband use to call. She blocked our number. Then she moved out of state. Then she had child support enforcement take over the payments so that he can't even write them. Now one in a blue moon his second to the oldest daughter (who is married) will get a bug up her butt and contact her dad. About 6 months ago she even called. At this time her and her dad did a lot of talking. We found out that her and her sisters and brother did not even know that child support has been paid to there mom. Seems mom just didn't bother to tell them. They thought there dad didn't care. What a shame. These kids have lost 10 years with there dad. He has not seen his kids in those 10 years but once. And then his oldest daughter wouldn't see him.

I'm sure by now your wondering hmmmm, what happened to make her keep the kids away. Did he abuse her or them in some way. Nope..The only thing he is guilty of is being poor. When the ex left she left the state, she took the kids (they had four plus she had three older ones). She got tired and lonely and he got tired and lonely and they both gave up. Working all the time and rasing SEVEN kids in a three bedroom condo got to be to much for them My husband was working two jobs. He never knew if it was day or night. She was worn out and tired of being tired. Finally they just couldn't do it any more. She left one sunny day and never looked back.......

Two years later him and I met. Two years after that we married. A few months later she did too. (remarry) She basicly turned the kids away from there dad. They were young and didn't know any better. Sad huh.

Happy birthday David....I hope life is treating you good.

Hugs from your step mom.... oh and dad said to say he misses you very much and loves you even more...

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