Saturday, July 22, 2006


You might remember awhile back me mentioning the Feral cats that live in my apartment complex. Several weeks back my daughter and I went for a walk and spotted what appears to be about 10 cats living wild at the edge of one of the building on the next street over. At the time we suspected someone was feeding them, since they had been hanging around there for awhile. The last few days we have been walking around over there again, and saw where one of the apartments had food and water out. We haven't found out who lives there yet, but are hoping to meet them so we can let them know how nice it is that they are doing this. The cats really need a friend. Tonight the cats were there eating when we arrived so that is a good sign. They are skittish and won't come near anyone, but if you sit real still, they will sit about 20 ft. away and stare at you. There is one kitten that appears to be about 8 to 10 weeks old. My daughter has her eye on him/her. We are hoping it is still young enough to be convinced it needs human contact and possibly a home. On the down side. I found out today that our city passed a law effective last month that you can not feed Ferrel cats. Anyone caught doing it will get a fine. Hopefully none of the neighbors will turn these people in. I think its a stupid law. The cats are hungry..What do they expect them to do, dig in the trash. I just don't understand society sometimes, or the laws we as citizens are imposed to follow.

Tomorrow we plan on returning with a bag of food and a feather on a string...that little kitten is calling out to us. I also plan on taking the camera out there so expect some photos soon.



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