Monday, July 24, 2006

Have You Seen Our Mother?

The following is reprinted from the book Soft Moon Shining.


Brother Wind
Have you seen our Mother?
Was she sitting alone and silent
on some lofty snow capped peak
as you crossed the Rocky Mountains on your way to caress the vast prairie grass lands?

If you see our most beautiful Mother
please tell her I am calling her
and that I can no longer contain my love

Sister Earth
Have you felt our Mother's footsteps
as she walked across your endless lands
planting the seeds of creation and dissolution?

Have you heard her singing her sweet song
of compassion and love?
If so, tell her that her child
who loves her so very much
has awakened from his long nap
and yearns to hug his Mother once again

Sister Ocean
Has our Mother passed through your rivers today on her way to direct the waters of eternity up into her garden of clouds
floating in the deep blue sky of primal awareness?

Or have you felt her moving in the unfathomable depths
of your inky black belly where she often goes to stir the boiling cauldron of destiny?

If you know where our sweetest of Mothers is
please tell her that I am unable to stop the flood of tears that rises from the well of my deep longing and that I yearn to hold her
and to be held by her again

Brother Sun
Nothing at all escapes your warm life giving gaze!
Please look all around now from your high place
and tell me if you see our Mother's dancing form as she goes about her many tasks
- can you catch a glimpse of her shadow
as it plays on the steep cliffs of revelation?

If so, please tell her to come for her child who stands now in his crib gripping tightly and shaking the constraining rail of the ego
crying Mother! Mother! Mother!
unable to find contentment in anything but her

If you see her please kiss her affectionately for me and tell her to come quickly as I am through sleeping and dreaming and only want to be with her



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