Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rub A Dub Dub

Tonight was laundry night. Yuck. I love my little apartment except for one thing..No washer or dryer, and right now the complex does not have a laundry area (but we have been told they are building one....but then again we have been told we were getting new indoor/outdoor carpet for the area in front of our door and I am still seeing cement)

As soon as supper was finished tonight the hubby and I loaded up the dirty clothes, and headed out to do them. Several weeks ago my daughter and I started going to a laundry mat about 10 minutes from the house. It is big and new and there never seems to be a crowd, but in order to get there we pass at lest three other ones. Tonight because my husband and I were both tired we decided to stop in to one of those. BIG mistake..Not only were there a zillion people there, the change machine would not take my $20, and the washers and dryers sucked. I normally can put in four quarters and have dry clothes..Tonight I had to put in 6 in each one and part of the things are still damp.. Next week we travel the extra 5 miles..



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