Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Morning After

My friend Nancy left me a comment, telling me that my hubby loves me and I should at lest give him a scobbie snack while he is in the dog house. I left a comment back telling her he didn't even get a wet kiss on the nose. He did however have a sleepless night the same as I did. We were up until 3 am fighting. He had to leave at 9 to go to work and I have just about enough time to post this entry and I have to go and stay until 7 tonight myself. He has to stay until 9 tonight since he has been working over time and has to do so again today. I am shaky this morning, depressed and totally upset that some strange woman who he has not seen in 30 years or I have never met can wrack havoc into my marriage. I am angry at myself for letting her, and for letting myself slip into an old pattern I swore I would not let happen in this marriage. This is the first time in 8 years that my husband and I have EVER had this kind of argument. Matter of fact I can count on one hand the number of disagreements we have ever had. My husband and I NEVER fight. He may get a bit snappy, or I may get a bit snappy and we sulk for 10 minutes, but we never have more than a word or two. EVER. When my ex and I were married we would fight at the drop of a hat. If I said it was hot, I said it was cold. If I said it was daytime he said it was dark. We sat up all hours of the night fighting sometimes until 4 am. It was not a happy life or the way we should have been living. When Dean and I met 8 years ago, he took a emotionally bruised woman and nurtured me back into a healthier, stronger person. Trust me I could write a book on here about some of the things I went through. Anyway as I was saying. It was a really bad night for us. The basic out come of the fight was this. I love him, he loves me and he is not going to contact this woman again. I have the yahoo account I made to view his (and her) blog, but have left everything in it blank which is how it will stay. I have no interest in yahoo or anything this woman has to say. I have removed anything to do with her so hopefully she will crawl under the rock she came from. I think my husband has learned a good lesson from this. At lest I hope so. Ok time to move on to other things. I have wasted enough energy on this subject. However I haven’t ever talked a lot about my husband and myself and how we met in a chat room on the Internet..Maybe I will do that soon.

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