Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Wheel of the year photos (August)

I can't believe how fast time is going by. It is already August 1st and time to post my wheel of the year photo's. If you have been following along. Once a month ( I try for the first but don't always get them in on time), to post photo's I have taken around my apartment complex. I think it is fun to see how much or in some cases how little things change in a month's time. If you want to see previous photos, just click on wheel of the year photos in my side bar.

As you can tell the lush plants I had a month ago are dead. I only got a few tomatoes off the vines..Oh well maybe next year.


No one has come to remove this log yet. I think this is the thrd time I have had photos of it on here. We are going in a couple of weeks. It should be nice and dry by now and if it is still there I am going to take it and burn it.


The next three photos are out my back door. The vine on the fence is honeysuckle.




The cement slab is all that is left of the old laundry room


A tree in front of my building




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