Wednesday, August 2, 2006

My Grand Daughter

I've recieved a some very nice and supportive comments about the photo of my grandaughter and my desire to see her. One blog friend remined me that grandparents have rights but this is my reply to that:

Grandparents have rights if you have lots of money to invoke them. It takes a court order. Unfortunately she is in CA and I am in VA Right now my son and her are only "separated" no court orders involved although he pays her support every month. Once they get around to filing the divorce papers he should get some visitation at which time I will get to become involved with the child. At this point my interfering will only make matters worst. It is hard, but I am thinking of the baby and not me. I have this on the opposite side with my daughter. Her son’s dad, and family have threatened on more than one occasion to “take the baby” away from her. Yet he never calls to check on him and the ONLY time he comes to see him is on his every other weekend a month. They don’t know from day to day if this kid is dead or alive. Burns me up, but it is a no win situation anyway you look at it. I just try and keep the lines of communication open with the daughter in law, and email her every few months just to “check in”. Sometimes she answers but more often that not we are ignored. I wouldn’t have had the photo I posted if it wasn’t for my son going there on a surprise visit. It was the granddaughter’s birthday so he flew in and called them once he arrived. Sigh

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