Sunday, August 6, 2006

Checking in with old friends

The last few months since moving I have lost contact with a lot of the women I know. For a long time I was actively involved in a women's group. I dropped out because I felt like I wasn't putting in what I needed to in order to be a productive member which wasn't fair to the other ladies. I simply don't have the time to join in and attend things the way I did before my grandson was born. Him and his mama need me more right now than a group does. However this doesn't mean I don't think about my friends. My friend "Glimmering Star" and I shared a special bond because she is a distant cousin to my ex husband which makes her a "cousin" to my children and grand children. I hadn't heard from her in awhile so I recently dashed off a quick email to her. I got one back this morning and she shared with me that she is doing live Psychic readings on Internet Radio every Thursday night at 9. Check out the URL and learn more about her and the station. They offer a great variety of music, and she is a wonderful psychic


Glimmering Star

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